What is TUMexam?

TUMexam is a system for digitally assisted evaluation of large, written exams. In particular it assists in preparation (seat plans, attendee lists, protocols), automatic evaluation of gradings, flexible grading schemes and an optional online review for students.

Does TUMexam support grades consisting of multiple partial results?

Yes. TUMexam supports the combination of multiple results to a final grade. You determine the exact evaluation function. Some general grading restrictions demanded by the APSO are enforced in TUMexam. This way, TUMexam support flexible grading for complex modules or bonus systems.

How does TUMexam interface with TUMonline?

You can import the exam registration from TUMonline as CSV file as well as the list of candidates with photos as PDF. The latter is used to generate attendee lists with photos from the student cards to ease attendance control. After grading, TUMexam offers an export as CSV file that can be imported directly into TUMonline.

Does TUMexam support students without TUMonline account?

Yes. You may create students independent of TUMonline. This allows to manage students without TUMonline account, e.g. students from foreign universities or early students.

How much does TUMexam cost?

TUMexam is currently offered free of charge.

What do I need for for TUMexam?

If you plan to use our LaTeX template, you should of course be familiar with LaTex and use either Linux or macOS. If you are a Windows user, you should be familiar with the WSL. Basic knowledge of Git is also helpful but not necessary.
Otherwise we suggest to provide your exam as PDF file, which is supplemented by an envelope, credit boxes, and barcodes that are necessary to scan the written exams.

Is my exam secured from access of other people?

Yes. Each instance of TUMexam ist hosted on a dedicated container. Only you and we have acceess to that virtual machine. Direct access to the web interface from the internet is only possible after successful authentication via Shibboleth.

Can I use TUMexam on my own?

The examination process reflected by TUMexam should be mostly self-explanatory. In case of errors you are asked to contact our support.

How are exams archived?

Instances are centrally archived at the end of an examination period. You can find more information here.

Do I have to archive the paper-based versions?

No. You can find more information here.

How do exams with TUMexam look like?

There four different options (and many variants possible):

  • Exams with integrated problem statements and space for solutions.
  • Exams consisting of sheets for solutions and external problem statements. Only the solution sheets have to be created with TUMexam.
  • The "Karpfinger Klausur Konzept", which consists of a single A3 sheet for solutions and external problem statements. Again, only the solution sheet has to be generated with TUMexam. The advantage consists in a very compact exam format that eases correction and is ideal for digital correction on iPads.
  • Upload your own exam template as PDF that is complemented by an envelope, credit boxes, and barcodes for scanning the written exams.

In either case each (A4) page has individual barcodes. Together with personal barcodes for students, these allow for a unique association of exams and students.